A man shows his love as he juggles the bank account to buy things for the home, the wife and the children. A man may feel very little emotion in rising very early in the morning and returning very late at night every day, but his main reason for doing so is his love for his family. Men endure this routine for a lifetime and often as for a little more than meals and an embrace at the proper time.

No matter how rough the outside of a man, tenderness and love still lurks underneath the surface. A man by nature is kind, affectionate, loving and sentimental. He has tender ways and can be deeply thoughtful. And he expresses his love for his family in a variety of ways.

Whereas love does not make up a man’s entire existence, he cannot live without it. Love motivates a man to work, plan, sacrifice, invest, expand and pursue. It is for love that he gives up his singleness, accepts full financial responsibility for her and all children born to the union, and gives away his most prized possession – freedom.

There is no limit to the love a woman can receive from a man when she learns to open the door to his heart, for she can provide the right emotional atmosphere for him to freely expose his feelings and dare to share his love.